Email Personalisation
Email Personalisation

The personal touch can go a long way to improving the success of your email marketing. In fact it is proven that by personalising your emails, you'll achieve two goals - higher response rates and higher ROI.

PomeMailer makes email personalisation incredibly easy. In a single click you can add a personalised field and turn your email into a highly targeted marketing message.

You are not restricted to just personalising your email by name. In fact, with PomeMailer Pro, you have the ability to choose from 400 different fields.

Dynamic content means even more advanced personalisation!

Dynamic content is how we take email personalisation to the next level. Imagine the control you would have over your marketing if you could tailor your email campaigns so that different groups of your audience receive different content.

With PomeMailer this is now a reality. If you have the data in your marketing list, you can display it in your email. Personalising your content can make response rates soar.

The Dynamic Content feature is available on our Pro Account.
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