Contact Segmentation
Contact Segmentation

Response rates increase dramatically if you are able to send the most relevant content to the correct recipients. A broad brush email marketing strategy just won't do anymore.

With PomeMailer you can quickly and easily create targeted segments from your marketing database. This enables you to divide your data into highly targeted, responsive groups based on the transactional, demographic or behavioural data you hold in your customer database. For example:

Demographic Segmentation

You can use the demographic data you hold for each contacts to create marketing segments for targeted messages, to boost your opens, clicks and conversion rates.

Geographic Segmentation

Create geographic segmentation based on the location from which your contacts opened your previous email campaigns. This can be used to identify which geo lists are your most profitable so you are able to target those areas.

Behavioural Segmentation

Use any previous campaign's open or click history to create a detailed segment of your data based on past interaction with your campaigns. This information can then be used to send targeted and relevant campaigns, or a re-engagement programme.

The contact segmentation feature is available on our Pro Account.