Email Marketing Subject line testing
Subject Line Testing

It is vital not to ignore the importance of your email's subject line. It is the first thing your recipient will see and if not tested properly it could unfortunately end up being the last thing they see too.

At PomeMailer we believe that there is only one sure-fire way to discover which subject lines will maximise your email marketing open rates - and that's through testing.

To help you discover the most effective subject line for your audience profiles we have included a clever email split-testing tool in PomeMailer.

Now you can simultaneously test an unlimited number of different subject lines for a single email marketing campaign. PomeMailer will then automatically analyse which subject line is performing the best, and switch the rest of your email sends to that winning subject line.

We are sure that you will find this an invaluable feature and one that will significantly help you improve your response rates and ROI.

Using our experience we have put together a quick guide to the basics of good subject line writing.


  • Be clear and direct
  • Be concise - try to keep your subject lines to 40 characters or less
  • Be consistent with your brand's tone of voice
  • Tell the user exactly what to expect from the email
  • Remind subscribers when sales/events are ending

  • Don't:

  • Use words in all CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Don't confuse newsletters with promotions
  • Don't allow creativity to make your message misleading
  • Don't write your subject lines like advertisements
  • Test once and then make long term conclusions (subject line testing is an iterative process)

  • The subject line testing feature is available on our Pro Account.
    Subject Line Testing