Trigger emails
Triggered Emails

Triggered emails can be an important element of an integrated email marketing strategy. In fact they could be viewed as the marketers secret weapon, a feature that can automate your lead and conversion generation.

With PomeMailer you are able to create unlimited triggered email campaigns based on the data segments and variables that you choose from your marketing database.

All you need to do is set up the conditions, and when they are met an email will be automatically generated and sent. This process not only demonstrates great customer service but can also save you valuable time that would have been spent generating the response.

Popular uses for automated triggered emails are:

Auto-response emails

Set-up auto-responses to recipients who reply to an email directly, to ensure they contact you through most relevant channel.

Series trigger campaigns

Great for renewal programmes and free trial conversions. PomeMailer will schedule and send automatically, basically handling your email marketing for you!

Custom event trigger

From customers' birthdays, to their buying patterns, there are literally hundreds of 'custom event' triggers you can use to power your automated campaigns.

Behavioural trigger emails

Establish campaigns to broadcast automatically to individuals who open a particular email campaign or click on a particular link.
Triggered Email