PomeMailer Pro: your complete email marketing platform

The PomeMailer Pro account can provide your marketing team with some of the most advanced email marketing features available. If you are looking to boost the responsiveness of your online marketing and streamline your integrated online strategy the PomeMailer Pro account would be perfect for you.

With Pomemailer Pro you will be able to:

  • Create, send and track precision targeted campaigns
  • Maximise your response rates with our 'easy to use' Dynamic Content features
  • Turn clicks into conversions by tracking a recipients journey from your email to your website
  • Plug your in-house database straight into PomeMailer
  • Use our one-click email proofing tool to ensure your emails look right in over 20 different ISP inboxes
  • Maximise your open rates using PomeMailer's automatic split testing tool
  • Monitor where in the world your emails are being opened with our Geo Mapping tool
  • Implement automatic triggered email campaigns to send straight to your marketing leads

  • View the full list of advanced email marketing features available with this package.

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